Asbury Bright Beginnings

The Basics

FOR 2024-2025

Cost:  $200 per month for the 2-day class; $225 per month for the 3-day class.

Class Days: 2-day option (Tuesday and Thursday) or 3-day options (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday OR Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Class Times:  9:00 - 12:00

Age Requirements: Children are required to be 2 years, 7 months to attend our program.

Enrollment Required:  Yes

Drop-in Classes Available:  No

Number of Teachers per Class:  Two

Class Size:  Maximum of 12 children

Questions and Answers about the Bright Beginnings Program

Mission Statement

The Bright Beginnings program is an outreach program sponsored by Asbury United Methodist Church.  The program provides experiences that are designed to relate to the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of your child.  Our focus is on independence, social growth and the introduction of structured classroom environments where children learn to interact with other children their age in a safe, fun, loving atmosphere.  Through our programs, Bright Beginnings offers an environment where Christian values are demonstrated and young children’s faith can grow.

What kinds of things do you do at Bright Beginnings?

Our day is busy and filled with play and fun!  The children experience a good balance of both structured and unstructured time.  The classrooms have many developmentally appropriate toys and activities to entertain and stimulate the imagination of the children.  The children make a craft every day based on the weekly theme!  Daily themes and activities are designed to incorporate the developmental areas including: Sensory & Perception, Language & Communication, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical.

What are the fees for Bright Beginnings?

The cost for Bright Beginnings is $200 per month for the 2-day class and $225 per month for the 3-day class.  Tuition is collected monthly.  Tuition is due at the beginning of each month.  Credit is not given for days missed due to illness or other absence.  There is a $75 non-refundable enrollment fee in addition to a one-time $75 materials fee which is used towards the purchase of craft materials.

What are the days and times for Bright Beginnings?

Our school year runs 38-weeks from the end of August through June to align with Parkland School District's calendar.  All classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and finish at 12:00 noon.  You may choose either a 2-day option (Tuesday and Thursday) or a 3-day option (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday OR Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

How many days can my child attend?

You may enroll your child for either 2 or 3-day sessions.  The classes offered are set and cannot be altered.  Our curriculum is written to support these options and it becomes too difficult to alter the days that your child attends. These sessions run concurrently with the Preschool classes so that siblings may attend on the same days.

Can I add a day or change my day during the year?

No.  The program options are set for the school year.  You may request to add or drop a day; however, that is subject to availability and at the discretion of the program director.  Typically, the program is full so such requests cannot always be accommodated.

Do you offer extended hours before 9 or after 12?

Not at this time.

If I am running late or unable to arrive by 9:00 can I still bring my child to class?

Yes.  While we prefer that you arrive as close to 9:00 as possible, we understand that there are circumstances that may prevent you from doing so.  Try to be on time which sets a good example and also allows your child to enjoy his/her free play time.

Do I need to let you know if my child will be absent?

You are not required to let us know, however, it is preferred.  If possible, please either leave a message on the Bright Beginnings answering machine or send an email advising of the absence.

Do I need to enroll my child quarterly?

No. Enrollment is for the entire school year from August - June.

Do you offer a tuition discount if I have multiple children in the program?

Yes.  Any family that has two or more children enrolled in the current school year will receive a 5% discount starting with the second child. 

Is there a penalty if I decide to remove my child from the program?

No.  We understand that "life happens" and that there are many reasons why you may need to remove your child.  There is no penalty; however, you will be responsible for the tuition for the month in which you pull your child and any tuition paid up to the point of removal is non-refundable.

Is there a religious component to Bright Beginnings?

Children of all faiths and beliefs are welcome at Bright Beginnings; however, we are a Christian organization and a ministry of Asbury United Methodist Church.  As such we say a prayer before snack, incorporate Christian holidays into our crafts and read stories that have both secular and Christian teachings.

My child is currently receiving services from a therapist.  May he/she receive these services at Bright Beginnings?

Yes. Your child’s therapist may pull him/her out of class to administer therapy in a separate room at Asbury. 

I am having my child evaluated for therapy.  May the evaluator come into class to observe my child?

Yes. With your permission and proper I.D. an evaluator may come to Bright Beginnings to observe your child.  Speak with your Bright Beginnings teachers to schedule a time for the evaluation.

How many children/teachers are in a class?

There is a maximum of 12 children allowed in each classroom with two teachers in every class.

Do you change diapers?

Yes. Children do not need to be toilet trained.  If your child is toilet trained or begins to train during the course of the year we will work with them while they are at Bright Beginnings.

Do I need to provide juice or snack?

Water is provided by Bright Beginnings.  Parents provide an individually wrapped snack for their child each day they attend the program.

How do you handle food allergies or dietary restrictions?

If your child has food allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform us immediately.  We will notify the other parents of an allergy in the room.  

Can I bring in a birthday treat for my child to share with his class?

Yes, but please check with your teachers first about any food allergies that other children in the class may have. 

Is there a form that needs to be completed by my child’s pediatrician?

Yes.  The Child Health Form must be completed and submitted to your teacher by November 1.  You can get the form from your teacher or you can download it from the ‘Parent Resources’ section of the website.

What is your sickness policy?

Children are not permitted to attend Bright Beginnings if they are exhibiting signs of illness.  These symptoms include (but are not limited to) the following:

·      Have had a fever within the past 24 hours

·      Have vomited or had severe diarrhea within the past 24 hours*

·      Nose has a thick, greenish discharge

·      Violent cough

*If a child vomits at any time while at Bright Beginnings, he/she will be sent home for the remainder of the day.

What security measures are taken at Bright Beginnings?

Asbury UMC functions as a shared facility. As such, we strive to maintain the safety of all BB children and their families, as well as our own staff, volunteers, vendors and other guests.  Asbury employs the use of a centralized and monitored system of security cameras and related accessories and devices.  The main doors are open at arrival and dismissal times and are locked during the day.  The doors to the building are programmed to loc and unlock at designated times.

How is the Bright Beginnings calendar set?

Both Bright Beginnings and the Asbury Preschool use the Parkland School District as a guideline for our calendars, however, we do not match Parkland’s calendar exactly.  The Bright Beginnings and Preschool calendars do match exactly – we have the same schedule for all days off*.  A copy of the Bright Beginnings calendar can be found on the Bright Beginnings website.

*There are a few exceptions when the Preschool will not have class but Bright Beginnings will be in session such as during Preschool field trips, conferences and special programs.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Bright Beginnings follows the Parkland School District for closings and delays due to inclement weather.  Our policy is as follows:

·   If Parkland has a 2-hour delay ~ Bright Beginnings will be on a One-Hour Delay and held from 10:00 – 12:00.

·   If Parkland closes ~ Bright Beginnings is closed.

·   If Parkland has an early dismissal ~ Bright Beginnings will NOT close early.

You may also find information regarding closings and delays on WFMZ Channel 69, the answering machine (610) 481-0242 and B104.

May I schedule a tour of the facility?

Yes.  A tour may be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. To set up an appointment contact Karen Bowermaster by phone or email.

What other programs are offered at Asbury?

During the week, Asbury offers Bright Beginnings and Preschool for 3, 4, & 5-year-old children.  There are many other opportunities for children and youth on Sunday and throughout the week in the evenings.  Information about the Preschool can be found at  Information about Asbury Church can be found at